Business Vehicle Leasing Merchant West Fleet

Who We Are

Merchant West Fleet was founded in 2009 by the current management team who set about developing their own vehicle leasing system while consulting to the local fleet management industry.

Since early 2015, we have grown steadily while carefully crafting our systems and processes to meet our client’s unique needs. Our valued independence means we get to select the best possible supplier partners to ensure the right application at the right price. Our expert team provides direct support to clients without any need to navigate through a call centre.

Merchant West Fleet provides tailor-made leasing solutions based on your business needs including vehicle operating conditions and expected monthly utilisation. We will qualify these unique needs and implement the best matched solution.

Why Choose Us

We provide an extraordinary service by:

·        Developing a proper understanding of your needs

·        Implementing specific and relevant solutions

·        Providing accurate and competitive vehicle leasing quotes

·        Managing your Future Value and Maintenance risks

·        Catering for a variety of vehicle asset types including passenger, light and medium, commercial, panel van, minibus, forklift trucks and specialized vehicles

·        Supporting your business through personalized, expert and frequent vehicle management guidance

·        Delivering fast turnaround times

Fleet Leasing Options

Our Approach

How We Manage Your Fleet

Firstly, we need to understand your business model, industry and vehicle operating conditions. Next, we look at your existing fleet mix and vehicle management policy to identify your pain points. Finally, we propose a solution that will meet your needs in the long term and create more time for you to focus on your core business.
The sketch below illustrates the various major Fleet Management components that should be considered when assessing your fleet needs.

Fleet Management Process

Let us help you streamline your fleet management processes – it just makes sense!