Who We Are

Merchant West Fleet was founded in 2009 by the current management team who set about developing their own vehicle leasing system while consulting to the local fleet management industry.

Since early 2015, we have grown steadily while carefully crafting our systems and processes to meet our client’s unique needs. Our valued independence means we get to select the best possible supplier partners to ensure the right application at the right price. Our expert team provides direct support to clients without any need to navigate through a call centre.

Merchant West Fleet provides tailor-made leasing solutions based on your business needs including vehicle operating conditions and expected monthly utilisation. We will qualify these unique needs and implement the best matched solution.

Why Choose Us

It makes sense for business owners to consider leasing through us when deciding how best to fund vehicles.

To start with, if paying cash is an option then it would typically be best to invest this valuable resource in stock, client services or sales that can deliver a return on investment rather than to tie it up in a depreciating asset.

Furthermore, paying for something as you use it knowing that the lessor is taking the operational risks is smarter than paying for ownership and having to worry about servicing, maintenance and tyre costs and disposing of the vehicle at the end of its economic life

Our Approach

Managing your Fleet…. its easier said than done!

Whatever industry you operate within, the chances are your business will need vehicles as part of your set up. Obviously, your specific business model will determine what type and how many vehicles you need to meet your strategic objectives.

The larger the fleet and the more varied type of vehicles you require will determine how much effort you will need to invest in the various components of the Fleet Management Cycle, being: formulating a fleet policy, funding mechanisms, vehicle selection, procurement, insurance, operating costs like fuel, maintenance & tyres, driver behavior, management & reporting system, tracking & security and vehicle disposal.

This is a tough task, especially in larger fleets….and to make matters even more challenging in recent times we find that senior managers are having to include ‘Fleet Management’ as part of their primary role whether they specialize in Operations, Finance, HR or in fact in a combination of any of these.

You can minimize the pain by talking to experts like Merchant West Fleet to assist you in getting the fundamentals right – call us!