Leasing Options

We understand that each business can have unique needs when it comes to operating a fleet of vehicles. When Full Maintenance Leasing was introduced to the SA corporate motoring scene many years ago cars were not as reliable as they are now, we paid cash for fuel which was cheap, 100 000km’s was generally the time to sell your vehicle and inflation was unheard of – how times have changed!

One thing that has not changed is that it still makes sense to invest in your business rather than depreciating assets.

Our three Leasing Options are designed to include the absolute basic services on initiation and you decide if additional conveniences are needed to meet your unique business and vehicle operating objectives at any time during the period.

Leasing Options

Full Maintenance Lease

Our no-nonsense product that keeps your business mobile with minimum fuss.

You don’t want your cash tied up in vehicles and at the same time you want to optimise the management of your fleet.

You are wary of the risks associated with unexpected maintenance expenses and you want a consistent monthly fleet cost that you can budget for.

Operating Lease

Optimise your cash flow & control costs associated with the management of your fleet.

Our Operating Lease will provide you with an efficient usage based contract where you manage the costs of maintenance and tyres or outsource this function to us to ensure costs incurred are appropriate. This option includes a maintenance authorisation desk plus an invoice scrutiny service before providing you with a consolidated maintenance invoice at month end.

Dynamic Lease

Leasing that offers ownership and flexible usage options.

This is our ‘Lease to Own’ solution that gives you the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease at the stipulated purchase option price but you are under no obligation to do so. This contract can be restructured at any time to adjust the purchase option price and the usage parameters or to include / exclude the optional services.

Our Leasing Options vs Bank Finance

The table below is an illustrative comparison of our Leasing Options vs a Bank Finance agreement using a new passenger hatchback vehicle valued at R225 000 based on a 48 month contract and annual usage of 30 000 kilometres.